Are you finding you are stuck because you are unable to meet a photographer for your headshot or brand images due to Covid restrictions? Are you in need of imagery right now either for social media, website or LinkedIn?  Are you someone who is setting up a business but can’t afford the services of a professional photographer? Then the Virtual Brand Photo Shoot is ideal for your situation.  

The Virtual Brand Photoshoot is the most cost efficient way both in time and money of getting professional looking images for your requirements. Even though I am in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey I can still photograph you wherever you might live in the world!  STOP PRESS!!! MY NEW WEBSITE!  CLICK HERE

So how does a Virtual Brand Photoshoot work?

There is an intial Zoom call to understand your requirements and put a plan in place for the day of the shoot.  I will give guidance on what to wear, posing, where the best light will be in your workplace or your home.

On the day of the shoot through special technology I can take control of the camera of your mobile device and direct your poses, expressions and capture you. The images are immedietly uploaded to the cloud and then I can download them onto my laptop. So simple!  

I would love to hear from you about your requirements so please contact me by clicking HERE.

Working with Annie on headshots via a virtual shoot was an absolute joy. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the process but embraced the experience and can say without any hesitancy that I am extremely pleased with the resulting photographs.

I met Annie via a zoom call before the day of the shoot and immediately felt at ease about working with someone I’d never met in person. She has such a warm personality that really shone out from the screen that any nervousness about the process soon disappeared.

She explained how everything would work and set out really clearly to me what I needed to do to prepare for the shoot. The day itself was really good fun and I think this comes across in the photographs. 

I felt Annie really understood and captured my personalty and that of my brand. The fact we’ve never actually met didn’t make me feel I’d received any less of a personal experience. I would definitely recommend Annie and can’t wait to work with her again!

Becky Davies-Downes

Owner, William & Tilda


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