THE VIRTUAL Photoshoot Company

You need great branding images that capture your uniqueness and give an insight into your world.

Striking photos that really help you connect with your clients through social media, marketing and content. And The Virtual Photo Shoot Company can help you – without even meeting you.

virtual photo shoot of Jo James in Portugal in her office she is wearing a stripy top and jeans and leaning forward smiling at the camera
Annie Armitage photographer wearing a denim jacket and standing in front of pink mural

Run by a portrait photographer with a real passion for bringing out the best in people, since 2007 Annie Armitage has been photographing families, nursery-aged children and entrepreneurs all over London. So how can we help you?

Professional photography can really take your branding to the next level and help raise your profile immeasurably. Usually, of course, photo shoots happen in person but now, thanks to a clever app, we can harness our creative skills to take photos that are authentically you.

We create a stunning portfolio of images for you and it’s all done virtually. An expert at putting people at ease, Annie gets great results that our clients love.

So whether you’re round the corner from us in South West London or in the farthest reaches of Timbuktoo, if you have the smart phone we have the talent and skills to take great photos that you’ll be proud to share with your audience. Photos that Instagram will love and LinkedIn will lap up!

HOW it works

It’s so easy. Starting with a chat with Annie on Zoom so she can get to know you a little, ideas for the shoot are discussed. Once she’s got a clear idea of what you are aiming for and helped you choose a location that maximises natural light.

Annie advises on backgrounds and clothing to bring out the best in you and convey the right message. Clothes that ‘pop’ and props that help tell a story about what you do.

After that it’s just a matter of connecting her laptop to your phone via a simple code on the day of the shoot. All you have to do is follow her instructions and relax while she directs you and snaps away via her keyboard!

The results are a revelation, a real window into your world. Annie takes a mix of lifestyle images and head shots to show what you do on a daily basis, as well as behind-the-scenes shots to give a more personal view. And if you hate having your photograph taken, Annie will help you relax – she makes the whole process a breeze.

The whole shoot takes about 45 minutes. Then once we’re done, you pick your favourites from the full selection of images that you can use with the utmost confidence – because they really capture the essence of you!

Christine Cooper virtual photo shoot in Glasgow with her wearing a flowery dress and green cardigan sitting on old steps



Virtual Photo Shoot Guide and Zoom Preparation Call


45-minute Photo Shoot


Online password protected gallery with 'favourite' facility to help you choose


Images are suitable fro social media, blogs, digital content and press


Packages start from £295

VIRTUAL Porfolio

Annie makes you feel at ease as she captures the true essence of you.