Top Ten Tips on how to prepare for your Personal Branding Photoshoot
Annie Armitage, photographer leaning against a multicoloured mural in Kingston upon Thames. She is wearing a tan hat and brown coat. inSurrey

What is a Personal Branding Photoshoot?

Brand photography involves the use of high-quality images that visually represent a business and narrate the brand’s story. As more individuals position themselves as brands, there is an increasing need for imagery to convey their message and attract their ideal clients.

Tailored and inspiring images are crafted to establish the entrepreneur as an expert in their business field. This, in turn, aims to draw in and encourage engagement with their ideal clients, fostering a sense of knowing, liking, and trusting them, ultimately leading to bookings for their products or services.

My goal is to create a collection of beautiful images specifically for entrepreneurs. These images not only elevate the business’s profile but also contribute to maintaining a consistent visual message that aligns with the essence of their brand. As a brand photographer, my role extends beyond capturing a headshot; it involves producing a comprehensive set of well-crafted photos, including relaxed professional portraits, creative portfolio shots, flat lays, details, environment shots, and documenting what makes their business unique.

Annie Armitage- brand photographer wearing a jeans and a brown and lime green top

After having my own photoshoot, here are 10 TOP TIPS to help you plan a successful personal branding shoot.

1 Define Your Brand Identity

Before the shoot, clearly define your brand identity. What message do you want to convey? What are your values? This will guide the overall tone and style of the photos.

2 Choose the Right Photographer

Select a photographer who specialises in personal branding and understands your vision. Check their portfolio, social media, testimonials on Google and LInkedIn to ensure their style aligns with your brand. I would certainly recommend a discovery call via Zoom to have a chat about your requirements to check that you get a sense that they will bring the best out of you. Being a photographer and choosing someone to take my photographs is a very big deal. As Siobhan Hennessy is a local photographer and that I have known her for a few years I knew that she would be able to a good job for me and get the best out of me.

I gave Siobhan one of my SD cards and after the shoot I downloaded and edited the images to suit my style. This certainly helped having to download the images and edit them. My images were retouched by my retouchers in the USA with particular artists that I use on the a regular basis.

Annie Armitage- brand photographer in her garden wearing a light brown jumpsuit and red t-shirt

3 Location Scouting

Choose locations that resonate with your brand and the image you want to project. Whether it’s urban settings, natural landscapes, or specific landmarks, make sure the locations complement your brand.

I had areas that I have used with my clients that I wanted to use in my shoot for example the featured image above. In addition, as I had just had my garden landscaped I certainly wanted to have this featured in the shoot. There are companies that can help with this. Highly recommend Styled Home Studios that have a huge number of homes, locations on their books and can be payable by the hour or minimum two hours.

4 Wardrobe Planning

I had my colours “done” with Isobel Penny of “House of Colour” and I found this so helpful in planning my clothes for the shoot. Thinking through the colours of my website and how the imagery is going to flow amongst the text. I selected outfits that reflected my brand and made me feel confident. I always give a “what to wear” guide to my clients and within that I say “avoid busy patterns” however, when I looked at my wardrobe I had so much pattern so I had at one outfit that had pattern as it is part of me and how people see me.

5 Props and Accessories

Consider incorporating props or accessories that enhance your brand story. These could be items related to your profession or elements that represent your personality and interests. Perfect examples are laptops, mug, plants, cushions, throws, stationery. I have a prop list that I send out to all my clients as examples of what they can bring on a shoot.

Annie Armitage- brand photographer wearing a jeans and a brown and lime green top looking down at her iPhone

6 Consistent Branding Elements

Ensure consistency in your visual branding elements. This includes colors, fonts, and any specific graphics or logos associated with your brand. Consistency reinforces brand recognition.

7 Professional Hair and Makeup

Hiring a professional hair and makeup artist can make a significant difference in the overall look of your photos. They can ensure you look polished and camera-ready. I had a practice run with Rakhi from Park Bella in Kingston upon Thames to try out ideas which really paid off on the day. I loved the way she did my eyes! Having make-up done for you can also help the photographer with any retouching. I sent the images off to my retouchers in the USA but they only needed to do minimal amount of editing due to the fact my make up so good in filling in the cracks!

Annie Armitage- brand photographer wearing a leopard print dress and tan trilby hat holding a Canon R6

8 Plan a Shot List

Work with your photographer to create a shot list. This helps ensure that you cover all the essential images and poses that align with your brand. It also helps the shoot run smoothly.

With my clients we have a planning pre shoot zoom approximately 10 days to 2 weeks before the shoot to put a plan together particuarly if there is more than one location.

9 Natural Lighting Considerations

Take advantage of natural lighting. Knowing the location in advance, you can plan for very sunny days as those are more difficult to work with. If shooting indoors, choose locations ideally ample natural light.

10 Relax and Be Yourself

During the shoot, relax and be yourself. Authenticity is key in personal branding. Trust your photographer to capture genuine moments that reflect your personality and brand.

Annie Armitage- brand photographer wearing a leopard print dress and tan trilby hat

Remember, the goal of a personal branding shoot is to create a set of professional, cohesive images that tell your unique story and resonate with your target audience. By carefully planning each aspect, you can ensure a successful and visually compelling representation of your personal brand.

After reading this you think that would like to have a Discovery call with me then me please CONTACT me to discuss what you need from the shoot


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