So where are they now – my LCC friends? Introducing Geraint Davies…

When I decided to set up my new blog I felt it was important to not just talk about me and the shoots but also to mention people in my life who I look up to, people I have worked with and most of all my friends.

You may know that as a stay at home mum I decided to go back to university at the tender age of 42 to study for a diploma in image production (photography) at the London College of Communication, University of Arts, London.  This was a very special time in my life because finally….I had found my true vocation.

While I was there I met the most amazing photographers on my course and I know I wouldn’t have done as well as I did without their support and encouragement.

I have asked them if I can talk about them on my blog…what are they doing now 4 years on since we left and if they are still passionate about photography.

To start….I would like to introduce you to Geraint Davies….

I remember our first meeting in one of the studios and he started to become slightly agitated as after serveral attempts at pronouncing his name I still couldn’t say it (even now I just say G)  – Geraint rhymes with pint – apparently!

We became great friends and still are today.  We did shoot weddings together (I trust him with my life and a wedding) until last year when I decided that I found them too stressful and didn’t enjoy them.  But we did a good job and worked well together!  He was incredibly patient with me!!!!

So… Geraint Davies – what are you doing now and who inspires you?

“Predominantly architecture and corporate work, but I also shoot personal portraits. Inspirations are predominantly artists such as Rembrandt, Zurburan, Caravagio, Canaletto, Edward Burne-Jones, Leighton, Augustus John, Arthur Melville. Photographers: Arnold Newman, Brian Griffin, Angus McBean, Edward Steichen, Cartier-Bresson and Jane Bown.

As a stonemason I was naturally drawn to historical buildings, but also appreciate many modern structures, so my architectural photography is one of my strongest suits. I also love landscapes but can never get up early enough for the really good light!

I shoot events which is always a challenge – especially the corporate type which can look rather dull, so, taking inspiration from Cartier-Bresson, I try to seize the moment. I’m not one of those photographers who rattle off 3000 shots – I like to pretend I’ve got film in the camera. Editing 20 near-identical images is such a chore!

Portraits-wise I like using a flash kit both indoors and out and being able to really control the light and try and get something dramatic.”

Thank you G!

I have always been in awe of Geraints work!  His interior and architectual shots I have no idea how he does them (actually I do as he has told me but I don’t get the results that he does).  The work that he has done for magazines and the corporate work is fabulous. He is an incredibly gifted photographer.

Please have a look at his website:-

I hope to share with you more of “So where are they now?” series in the next few weeks……


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