Sister Snog #FF First Friday Lunch – March
table decorations featuring movie stars

I have been a member of Sister Snog for approximately 7 years (I think?).  What is Sister Snog you may ask? It is an exclusive women’s networking club for successful entrepreneurs.  It is run by Hela and Annie and they have a mission that women through friendship have businesses which are accelerated by encouragement, collaboration and sisterly support.

When I joined, I had to have an interview to make sure that I would fit with the group and that I would be able to embrace all that is Sister Snog. I remember turning up for my interview in a white faux fur coat (which I have realised I have lost) and my Lulu Guinness handbag.  After my meeting with Hela she said that she wanted me to join.  She knew I would fit in! To get an idea of the group please go to their website .

Once a month we have what is called a First Friday lunch at Vanilla in Great Titchfield Street and it always has theme whether it is Pink, Purple, Feathers, Diamonds etc.

Detail shots of shoes handbags and scarfs


starters, main course with fish and chicken and desserts which include sorbet and cheese and biscuitsEveryone makes an effort and I often get stopped on my way to lunch by people in the street asking where I am going because of the outfit I am wearing.

Last month the theme was “A Celebration of Sisterhood” and the dress code was a nod to nostalgia with a step back to the naughty 40s & fabulous 50s. Eras of elegance that celebrated womanliness with petticoats, pin curls, fancy collars, halter tops and dresses that gave a little wiggle or were full of swoosh-&-swing.

Here are just a few details from the outfits that people came along in and also showing the fabulous lunch.

The original date was obviously the First Friday in March but was rescheduled for 16th March due to snow.  We were celebrating International Women’s Day (This year’s theme is #pressforchange.)  This was discussed during lunch.

Black and white event images in a montage of women laughing, taking pictures and drinking sparkling wine

Three times a year I photograph one of the lunches and so this year my shoots are March, June and December which is going to fun!  I don’t photograph events anymore unless it is a close friend or a client that has been with me a long time.  The reason for this is that events cause me to be anxious.  These lunches are fabulous though and I love taking candid shots of the sisters having fun, engaging with one another and celebrating sisterhood.

women pulling the popper with little iridescent sequins

a montage of portraits and candid pictures of the sisters at Sister snog

Gorgeous Annie!  It is really funny when we call each other up. ” Hello Annie!  Annie here!”.

annie Brooks at sister snog a colour reflection and a black and white portrait

Fabulous Hela who has the most amazing talent for words.  I love her phrases and descriptions!

Hela at Sister snog two colour portraits of her wearing red bows on her shoes hela and annie together from sister snog wearing 1950 style faux fur wraps sister snog

Tomorrow’s lunch is themed “The Diamond Life” so I am off to rummage in my dressing up box for something appropriate!




london and Surrey Mel Larson the Vision coach wearing an orange top and blue trousers sitting having a latte
london and Surrey Mel Larson the Vision coach in the woods wearing a yellow top

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