Nanou Maria Taverna – Symi – Annie’s Antics Day 5


There has been a ritual everyday …..get up, Frappe, boat and Nanou beach for the day.

On the way to Nanou we pass such beaches as St Nicolas and St Georges…

Arrival at Nanou with the wild herbs, crystal clear blue waters, goats and taverna…

I have to say this is the view from the WC – there isn’t much I can say but I like to go to dramatic places!

This is Nanou Maria taverna is named after Maria! Yanis’ wife

I spent my time taking photographs, chatting with other customers but the important time was to read inspirational books, plan for my business, my life!

The goats are quite pesky, feeding them through the bars at the taverna wasn’t a particularly wise thing to do as they started to follow me and then pinched my peaches that I bought in Symi from the “peach man” earlier in the day.

Never a dull moment on Nanou!

The last installment is tomorrow about the walk from Pedi beach to the harbour…


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london and Surrey Mel Larson the Vision coach wearing an orange top and blue trousers sitting having a latte
london and Surrey Mel Larson the Vision coach in the woods wearing a yellow top

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