Mini Branding Photo Shoot morning
A montage of images of Yuki Dennis on her mini brand shoot with Annie Armitage. She is wearing a pink dress and also an orange dress in Surbiton Surrey

What is a branding photo shoot morning?

For a number of years now I have been running “Business Portrait Mornings” at Warren House Hotel. These have been so useful for people who just need an update for their LinkedIn profile or a new portrait for their website.

Entrepreneurs who are in need of a bank of images to be used on their website and social media need to have a brand shoot to visually tell the story of their brand. Our audience want to know, like and trust and images can be so powerful in supporting the narrative.

I have been shooting brand shoots for many years even before they were called “Personal Branding” and I treated a business like a wedding shoot. Beautiful portraits, photojournalistic images and details are all part of what I do for an entrepreneur and their business.

Having a branding photoshoot is an investment. The reason for the cost is due to the amount of time spent not only on the shoot but also on the preparation and post production.

Some people just need a handful of images, or want a taster session of what a branding shoot is like or just need just a little more than just a headshot. That is why I felt there was a gap in my services and 2 years ago I set up the branding shoot morning on the same lines as my headshot morning that people share my time on a morning by having a 40 minute shoot and 10 images from a selection of around 50.

What is involved?

I go through the same type of poses, backgrounds and scenarios but each shoot is different and it has been wonderful to see how the individual entrepreneurs have made the shoots their own. I only hold these twice a year so they are in demand and so I have opened a WAITLIST to hear about my next session which is going to take place at the end of April.

In preparation my clients are sent a what to wear guide and a “prop list” which is helpful in ideas to collate objects for the shoot eg laptop, mug stationary etc. There is time for 2 outfits so I ask clients to go through how brand colours (or harmonious colours) can be linked in the props as well as what they are wearing.

I send a link to a mini branding shoot that I have done in the past for the client to see and from there have an idea of how they want to personalise the session a little more to them. They might find that there are certain backdrops that they wouldn’t need.

A Zoom pre shoot meeting is booked in at least 2 weeks before the shoot to go through all the preparation so there is a flow on the day due to the timescales.

I have hired a private home in Surbiton previously which has been absolutely ideal for my requirements which have all the scenarios I would need on a brand shoot. There is ample free parking too!

My clients’ testimonials

Yuki Dennis from Pink Spaghetti gave me the following testimonial about the shoot (see images above).

I recently had a mini brand photo shoot with Annie and cannot recommend her highly enough. She is professional yet friendly and easy going and made me feel at ease right from the start. Not only did she produce amazing results but she made the whole experience fun with lots of laughing throughout the shoot. Annie is a hugely talented photographer..”

Karen Cuthbert Coaching

“I am so fortunate to have known Annie, a fabulously talented personal branding photographer, for well over 10 years now. She often shares posts of her latest photoshoots here on LinkedIn. For as long as I can remember, I have been in awe of the warmth and energy she captures in each frame. I had longed to find a reason to book in for my own shoot, and this year I did!

“Originally I was going to opt for her ‘Business Portrait Morning’ at Warren House, after all that was where I had first met Annie for a successful business headshot over a decade ago. But this time I found myself intrigued by a new package she was launching later that month. After a full debrief from Annie I knew that the ‘Mini Branding Photography Session’ would give me so many more photo options, and with that I signed up.

As they say, the results speak for themselves. I had a fun packed 40 minutes session of well-choreographed photography with Annie giving plenty of encouragement to put me at ease. I am so very pleased with my branding images and would highly recommend speaking to Annie if you too are looking for a professional who can deliver high quality branding shots.”

Marie Fraser – The Boundary Queen

“I attended Annie’s Branding Photoshoot as I needed some up-to-date images for my website and other marketing materials. I’m not a fan of being in front of the camera, but Annie made the whole experience fun and enjoyable. The location was perfect and I’m absolutely delighted with the images Annie produced, one of which is now my LI profile picture. I can certainly recommend Annie.”

A montage of image of Marie Fraser from Annie Armitage's mini brand photoshoot in Surrey
Melanie Marshall's mini brand photoshoot in Surrey with Annie Armitage

Melanie Marshall – Bekah Marshall Consulting

“Annie is a fantastic, highly talented photographer with a wonderfully warm and friendly personality! I attended one of Annie’s Mini Branding sessions in April and she made me feel so comfortable and at ease all throughout the shoot. I was delighted by the photos I received afterwards – Annie really captured my personality and saw images of me that I didn’t know I needed or wanted! I found working with Annie to inspirational and confidence boosting. I highly recommend working with Annie… and I look forward to working with her again!”

Early bird

I will be launching an EARLY BIRD pricing on this event and to be the first to hear all about my next session then CONTACT ME. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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