Kensington family photography shoot
Montage of details of the house in kensington, London

I met this family at one of the Christmas fairs that I attend and they were very keen to put a date in the diary as they knew they needed to act now or it would never happen. This is quite a familiar conversation that I have with many families because they have the intention of having a family photography session but usually don’t get around to booking.

With the family at home photography session if they are not too far from me I usually make an appointment to meet the children before the day of the actual shoot. I have had great feed back for doing this as everybody seems more comfortable about the whole idea of a photography shoot when the day is finally here

For families with older children I generally do the groups shots towards the end of the shoot as the teenagers and parents are more likely to warmed up to the idea after their individual sessions.

a montage of two images one is a colour image of a teenage girl in kensington playing the guitar and a black and white image of her sitting on her bed

With the individual portraits I like to show what the child is into at that time. The teenage girl above loved Shawn Mendes and had many pictures of him and she loved to play the guitar.

three black and white images in a montage showing a teenage boy playing with his lego, his electric guitar and also on sitting on his sofa surrounded by cuddly toys while working on his laptop

The montage above shows this 12 year old boy playing with his lego (he had loads of it!), his electric guitar and also on sitting on his sofa working on his laptop. Don’t you just love to see all those cuddly toys around him?

Detail images in a montage of an electric guitar and a fender rhodes amp and foot pedal

The boy loved playing his electric guitar in the basement of the house and he could make as much noise as he wanted particularly with that Fender Rhodes amp!

auburn coloured haired teenage girl laughing with white roses behind her

This image above was one of my favourite images from the shoot as at the time I asked her father to do silly dancing and as you can see it did get the required result of her laughing naturally.

black and white image of a teenage girl with  her reflection

The teenager in the image above loved ballet and had her own area to practice in the basement. I loved this mirror with light streaming down from the basement skylight above creating so available light.

montage of husband and wife with their dogs

I have many parents not wanting to be in the photos but as soon as I have shown the back of the camera they do start to relax and enjoy the session. The couple above were marvellous fun and they made me feel very welcome in their home.

man with a garage with 3 vintage cars and his dog

It isn’t just the children with hobbies that I like to capture in my imagery but I love it when a parent has an interesting subject for me to photograph. I was fascinated by this wonderful garage full of cars!

black and white photo of the family casually sitting on the sofa

This family were fabulous to work with and took on all my ideas for the shoot. At their personal viewing in their home of the images they decided to have a fine art paper book with the family name debossed in the leather on the front of the book and also an art installation called Teramo.

image showing a Teramo frame installation with 4 pictures

I am now booking for 2020 so please contact me for availability for your family photography session.


  1. Claire Norwood

    It’s so interesting to get a glimpse into your world Annie. I love these stories, and it’s clear from both the pictures and what you write that you really connect with your subjects.

    How fantastic that you get to know the youngsters enough to identify their interests, and include these in your work. It makes the photos so personal, as well as being beautifully composed and sensitively considered.

    I’d love to hear more – please keep on blogging!

    • annie

      Thank you Claire!x


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