f:Entrepreneur #ialso 100 Campaign 2020
A montage of images showing Annie Armitage at the House of Lords celebrating International women's day and the top 100 f:Entrepreneur campaign

What is f:Entrepreneur #ialso?

#ialso was born from a fabulous breakfast f:Entrepreneur hosted on International Women’s Day 2018 for 25 incredible people working in the world of empowering female entrepreneurs. When going around the table introducing, the words that were heard the most were I ALSO. As we are moving from the single job portfolio career to a world where it is ok to do many things, often interconnecting, at the same time across our work and personal spectrum – and be passionate about them all? It is something to be celebrated so the #ialso campaign was created. 

Launching in 2019, the first #ialso 100 campaign celebrated a plethora of talented female entrepreneurs from all over the UK. Each member of the 100 was showcased on the f:Entrepreneur website, the f:Entrepreneur Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages and were invited to an exclusive event at the House of Lords hosted by Lord Young.

In the image below are some of the wonderful women of f:Entrepreneur:-

Top Left:- Me with Karen Campbell http://karencampbellmarketing.com
Bottom Left:- Me with Tracey Barr https://www.thestrategiclink.co.uk/ and Linda Lamb https://www.lslfamilylaw.co.uk
Right:- Me with Vicki Baumann https://www.yogawithvickib.com and Rachel Barclay 

f:Entrepreneur #ialso 2020

I was encouraged to apply in 2019 for the 2020 Top 100 because of my #ialso story. I found out in the New Year that I had been successful in my application which was a huge boost to me and my business and to be part of the Top 100 with so many inspiring women around me.
We were invited to have breakfast at the House of Lords hosted by Lord Young on March 4th which was the start of a great day of celebration!  I can’t believe that so much has happened since.
My business has been hugely affected by Covid-19 but one of the things that has encouraged me is to be part of this amazing group of women and I am looking forward to seeing them in person in 2021 as I build my business up again.
For more information about f:Entrepreneur please click HERE.

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