Kensington family photography shoot

Kensington family photography shoot

I met this family at one of the Christmas fairs that I attend and they were very keen to put a date in the diary as they knew they needed to act now or it would never happen. This is quite a familiar conversation that I have with many families because they have the...

SW London Prom & Surrey Special!

I know that the weather has been slightly grim - but my garden has been loving the rain and my visits to Richmond Park in the morning to walk Reggie and Rosie (my border terriers) have been so glorious with the grass and the leaves on the trees so lush and green. So...

Annie Armitage Video Promotional Shoot

I have a business mentor called Joe Hinton and after discussing with him how I can convert more enquiries to bookings he said, "Annie, when people meet you they then see your passion and that you are someone who is going to get along with their family and bring out...


It is with great pleasure to announce the winner of my portfolio competition  - Hannah Tompkins! The competition took place between October and February and I had around 50 people have shoots and enter their favourite image from the shoot. I will be doing another...

Sarah Norris Pilates Personal branding photography by Annie Armitage in London and Surrey
london and Surrey Mel Larson the Vision coach in the woods wearing a yellow top

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