Personal shoot

Annie recommends…… phone apps!

  It may surprise to you to learn I’m a big fan of camera apps on my iPhone. Surely that’s cheating I hear you ask.  Well, I don’t think it is. You still need an instinct for what makes a good image and for what effect works best, but the beauty is you can create...

Symi day 6 – The final day…

I have been home now over a week but my aunt died so I haven't felt it appropriate to finish off my posts of my time in Symi. So, now the funeral was on Thursday and I am getting into talking about life again. Here is my final post from Symi I am fascinated by the...

Sarah Norris Pilates Personal branding photography by Annie Armitage in London and Surrey
london and Surrey Mel Larson the Vision coach in the woods wearing a yellow top

SHALL WE be penpals?

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