Sister Snog #FF First Friday Lunch – March

Sister Snog #FF First Friday Lunch – March

I have been a member of Sister Snog for approximately 7 years (I think?).  What is Sister Snog you may ask? It is an exclusive women's networking club for successful entrepreneurs.  It is run by Hela and Annie and they have a mission that women through friendship have...

Retro Repunzals & Vintage Vixens

Have I mentioned SisterSnog to you? It is an unusual name isn't it? SisterSnog is one of the networking groups that I belong to and is described in the opening paragraph of the website   http://www.socialsnog.com/ "Sister Snog is a selective club. A tribe and a social...

Sarah Norris Pilates Personal branding photography by Annie Armitage in London and Surrey
london and Surrey Mel Larson the Vision coach in the woods wearing a yellow top

SHALL WE be penpals?

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